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Your contributions are greatly appreciated by the Foundation and your River Oaks neighbors. Thank you for your support!

River Oaks Foundation is a 501c(3) organization. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Donate to Beautify The Boulevard

Mail your check with the pledge form below to: 

The River Oaks Foundation

P.O. Box 22632

Houston, TX 77227-2632

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Tax ID: 76-0623472


Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

River Oaks Foundation Donors


$250,000 and above

The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation



$100,000 to $249,999

Carolyn and Mike Mann

Louise and Gary Moss

Susanne and Bill Pritchard

Linda and Steve Webster


$50,000 to $99,999

Shahla and Hushang Ansary

Petersen Family Foundation



$25,000 to $49,999

John and Amy Aubrey Foundation

Denise and David Baggett

Jeff and Rachelle Ball

Dan and Brandy Benditz

The Brown Foundation, Inc./Lisa and Will Mathis

Kelty and Rogers Crain

Flores/Holmes Families

Jim and Betty Frost

Kate and Steve Gibson/Janet and Paul Hobby/Hobby Fund

Ann Lents and David Heaney

Rosalie and Billy Hitchcock

Cornelia Cullen Long (In Memory of Meredith Long)

Diane and David Modesett

The O’Sullivan Family

Katherine and Bill Phelps

Fairfax and Risher Randall, Sr.

Susan and Fayez Sarofim

Christine and David Underwood, Jr.

Jennifer and Wil VanLoh

Lynn Wyatt


$10,000 to $24,999 


Asche Ackerman Family Foundation (In Memory of my mother, Vale Asche Russell)

Les and Linda Allison

Chris and Merrell Athon

The Brown Foundation, Inc./Herman Stude

Michael and Rebecca Cemo Foundation

Kathleen and Robert Clarke

Sylvie and Gary Crum

Sue Nan and Rod Cutsinger Foundation

Brenda Duncan

The Duncan Fund

The Fairbanks Family

Julia and Russell Frankel/Frankel 

Family Foundation

Jim and Maureen Hackett

Marjorie and Raleigh Johnson (In Memory of Alice and David Bintliff)

Brian J. Kapiloff

Cornelia and Meredith Long

The Marek Family

John and Bobbie Nau

John L. Nau III

Carrie and Al Pepi

Betty Ann Stedman

Ann Trammell

Lynda Underwood

Randa and K.C. Weiner

Margaret Alkek Williams/Randa and Charles Williams

Pam and Dick Wynne

Kelley and Donald Young


Gifts up to $4,999


In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Byron Brown and Mr. & Mrs. John F. Staub

In Memory of Tom Bellows 

Anny Whyte and Steve Adger

Frances and Ben Alexander

Mrs. Barbara Allbritton

Marion and Rob Anderson

Edward H. Andrews III

Lucy Arnold

Frances and Tim Arnoult

Bonnie and Robert Baldwin

Noelle and John Barr, Jr.

Judy and David Beck

Luba and Alan Bigman

Carole and Bruce Bilger

Leslie and Jack Blanton, Jr.

Elaine Block

Betsy C. Bolin

Polly and Murry Bowden

Lisa and Grant Braly

Nancy and Walt Bratic

Jane and Robert Cabes, Jr.

Jeanie and Tom Carter

John and Renee Lewis Cary

Sammy and Lizzy Cashiola

Diane and John Chaney

Anne and Albert Chao

Cathy Chapman (In Memory of Paul D Chapman)

Debbie and Kent Chenevert

Lisa and Frost Cochran

Jacqueline and Thomas Cole

Elizabeth and Morgan Copeland

Ann Marie and Mark Cover

Catherine and Edward Crain

Janelle and Lawry Daniel

Janet Delaney/Andrew Delaney Foundation

Dr. Ebrahim and Azar Delpassand

Carrin Patman and Jim Derrick

Susie and Joe Dilg

Jane Dipaolo

Jane and Gus Eifler

Frederic Gautier-Winther

Will and Debbie Garwood

Mignon and Steve Gill

Louis and Sophie Girard

Anita and Antonio Gotto, Jr.

John and Lynn Graves (In Memory of 

Betty Williams)

Julie and Edward Griffin

Paige and William Griffin

Blakely and Trey Griggs

Melissa and Albert Grobmyer

Kelly Hackett

Charles W. Hall

Reverend and Mrs. Laurens A. Hall

Allison and Gregg Hammer

Amy, Mark and Jake Hammer

Anne Harrington

Lucile M. Harris

Harriet Hart (In Memory of Adele Perry Hart)

Dana and Charlie Hartwell

Nancy and Michael Henderek

Sharon and Carl Henry

Margaret and Thad Hill

Rebecca and Mark Hobson

Kay and Ned Holmes

Jay and Lisie Houren

Marjorie and Raleigh Johnson

Debbie and Frank Jones

Dr. Frances Jones and Woodrow Holland

The Kalavar Family

Paul Koeller and Susan Cunningham

Tracy and Rocky Lai

The LaPorte Family

Mr. and Mrs. C. Berdon Lawrence

Audrey and Justin Loweth

Isabel and Ransom Lummis

Jim and Linda McCartney (In Memory of 

Mr. and Mrs. Hines H. Baker)

Gaye and Ed McCullough

Laura and Andrew McCullough

Elaine McGown

Neal Manne and Nancy McGregor

Mary Hale Lovett McLean

Marvin and Martha McMurrey

Mrs. Iris McWilliams

Tatiana & Craig Massey (In Honor of Allison Wallace)

Joan and John Mauel

Patricia Maxim

Eric and Isabelle Mayer

Alexandra and Parker Meeks

The Miller Family

John and Eileen Moody

Lauren and Bradley Morgan

Kimball and David Moriniere

Colleen and Scott Nichols

Karen and Bobbitt Noel

Olivia A. Pacini

Allison and Daniel Parsley

Mary and Leslie Payne

Beverly and Oliver Pennington

Linda W. Petersen

Kathy and Harry Phillips

Kathleen and Townes Pressler, Jr.

Mimi and Charlie Prioleau/Payne Foundation

Nancy and David Pustka

Sarah and Robert Ray

Jerry and Sheila Reese

John and Pat Ricks

Sissy and Grady Roberts

Joe and Anne Romano

Chantal Van Riet and Edward Rosenthal

Eloise Frame Rowan (In Memory of Bernie Riviere)

Florence and Mike G. Rutherford

Drs. Ben Saldana and Alicia Kowalchuk

The Savitz Family

Rebecca Dalton Schneider (In Honor of Kirby Joe Schneider)

Rebecca Dalton Schneider (In Memory of Richard Justin Wedel)

Mrs. Joan Schnitzer

Kelley and Jeff Scofield

The Seeligson Family

Virginia and L E Simmons Foundation

Ames and Margaret Smith

Jennifer Smith and Peter Ragauss

Lynn and Mike Smith

Terrell and Abbott Sprague

Mary Martha and Joel Staff

The Stanmore Association

Lois and George Stark

Sarah and Tim Stephens

Jeanne and Jeff Suttles

Shannon and Nick Swyka

Alice and Terry Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas

Kelley and Harper Trammell

Cathleen and Patrick Trask

Ed Tseng

Chase and Diana Untermeyer

Paul G. Van Wagenen

Tracy Vaught and Hugo Ortega

Helen T. Vietor

Rick and Betsy Weber

Richard W. Weekley Family

Nancy and Benjamin Wells

Marcy and Tom Wessel

Martha and Robert Wessels

Deanne White (In Memory of Perrin Wynne White)

Amanda Whitehead

Vallette and Russell Windham

Robin and John Wombwell

Dr. J. David Wright

Jaime and Christine Yordan

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