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Keeping River Oaks Beautiful

How to help

We are a small but mighty group and would welcome

any help. The Foundation is supported by neighbors like you who contribute funds, time and energy to support our mission of keeping River Oaks beautiful. Every year the Foundation puts on Party in the Park, a social gathering for all neighbors to gather and connect. Reach out if you'd like to join the committee or learn more about how to get involved! 

What needs help

The foundations proceeds are used for projects around the neighborhood such as planting new trees, enhancing parks and medians, and restoring structural features such as the fountain at Sleepy Hollow Park and Staub gates. Let us know if you have a request for a green space near your home, we would love your help identifying areas that need some attention.


A look at the Boulevard Project

Our current campaign is to beautify historic River Oaks Boulevard. The Boulevard Project constructed beautiful rose gardens on the esplanades and provides long-term maintenance funds.

Other projects include planting trees in parks, landscaping medians and enhancing original landscape features of the neighborhood.

Meet the Board

Chris O'Sullivan, President

Susanne Pritchard, Vice President

Scott Dorfman, Treasurer

Carol Coale, Board Member

Risher Randall, Board Member

Kate Gibson, Board Member

Mike Wheeler, Board Member


More about the Foundation

Our History

In 1999, the River Oaks Foundation was formed as a non-profit corporation for the purpose of raising funds for the beautification and preservation of the green spaces and common areas of the River Oaks neighborhood. 

Our Goal

We strive to assure River Oaks continues to be an oasis of beauty within Houston, the fourth largest city in the nation. We take pride in the neighborhood's history, prominence and distinctive landscape. 

Our Boulevard

Our current campaign is underway to beautify historic River Oaks Boulevard. The Boulevard Project will improve the landscaping of the esplanades and providing long-term maintenance funds.

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